Real Estate Transaction Costs

- Tuesday 28, February 2012 -

Below are the guidance notes on the costs schedules of the Vendors and Purchasers in a property sales transaction and are subject to variances in legal fees between attorneys acting for each party.

VENDORS COSTS (approximately)

 PURCHASERS COSTS (approximately)

Sub-Total:  5.275%
Closing Costs on Mortgage:  3.00%

TOTAL: 8.275%

  1. Closing miscellaneous letters to JPS, NWC, etc varies depending on the attorney and is split between vendor and purchaser, plus or minus GCT.
  2. Costs for preparation of Agreement for Sale varies based on Attorney and may start from $60,000.00 upwards.  This  will be split between vendor and purchaser plus or minus GCT.
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